Changing to a Paralegal Career

The thought of changing careers can be scary and exciting at the same time. For individuals stuck in a career that they do not like, that doesn’t pay them very well, or that they were forced into because of personal or family reasons, the thought of entering a new professional field can seem daunting. However, with the correct education and preparation, starting fresh with a new career can be a positive experience!

Why the Paralegal Field?

When considering a career change, a good choice is a field that seems to be thriving. The paralegal industry is doing just that, despite fluctuations in the job market and the country’s economy. There are many reasons the paralegal field provides excellent opportunities for men and women of all ages. First, the legal industry is growing rapidly, and the need for educated paralegals is increasing every year. Second, the paralegal industry provides many interesting and challenging positions for people who want to work hard and learn new aspects of the law as their career progresses. Third, it is possible to find paralegal positions that are either full-time or part-time, and the salary that paralegals earn is very respectable.

How Old is Too Old?

It is never too late to aspire to a paralegal career. There are people as young as 18 enrolled in paralegal training programs, and there are also people in their 60s working towards a paralegal certificate or degree. The paralegal industry is relatively unique because it encompasses people of all ages and with all types of personal and professional experience. There are plenty of law firms looking to hire young individuals, but there are also employers looking for mature paralegals who can bring a specific type of experienced posture and work ethic with them to their job.


Many people decide to change careers because they want to earn a better salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, paralegals entering the industry can expect to earn a salary between $29,260 and $59,310. After a few years of professional experience, however, the salary can increase. The exact salary that a paralegal earns depends largely on the size of the law firm or employer, the location, and the exact job responsibilities. Paralegals can often increase their salary potential by moving from one job or employer to another that is offering a higher-level position.

An Enriching Career

One of the main reasons that adults decide to change their careers is that they are not intellectually satisfied with their current career situation. They may be in a line of work that does not require much personal input, they may not feel valued by their employer, or they may desire a sense of personal fulfillment that they are not currently receiving. A career as a paralegal has the potential for improving all three of these factors, and more! A paralegal plays a vital role in the success of a law firm or a legal department at a corporation or governmental agency, and paralegals can feel enriched and satisfied with their careers as soon as they begin their first job in the paralegal industry.

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