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Even though lawyers ultimately assume responsibility for all the legal work and services they provide, more often than not they delegate many of their responsibilities and tasks to certified paralegals.  Paralegals, often referred to as legal assistants (and sometimes legal secretaries), are assuming a growing range of job functions in many legal service boutiques and various law offices.  They are in fact, now responsible for a lot of the same tasks and functions as lawyers. 


With today’s increasing complex legal environment, the need for professional litigation and various forms of legal support services is extremely high.  Big businesses, small businesses, and individuals alike all have to turn to professional service providers when legal issues are involved.  This in turn has created a high demand for paralegal positions in the market.  While the job opportunities, salaries, and industry outlook are quite good, there is still competition for these jobs.  Initially, individuals are mostly gauged on skills and the level of schooling, certification, coursework, and/or training. 

Earning a paralegal degree or certification from an accredited paralegal training school is typically the best way to break into this fast paced and rewarding career.  Your education can be obtained by taking classes at a local campus or many schools now offer legitimate and accredited programs online.

While many of the job tittles may say assistant, or secretary, or reporter, that does not mean there is not very specific tasks and skills that must be learned.  Since everything revolves around the legal system, it is vital that you learn how to handle your tasks and responsibilities with precision.  More often than not there is something very substantial at stake (weather it’s a civil law suit, criminal case, or details of legal agreements).  This can and does add to the stress factor so that’s something to consider before jumping into this field but at the same time that is what can make it so personally rewarding.

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